A funny thing happened when we started removing Time Constraints from our work and instead focused on the Body of Work Constraint. We started giving ourselves "goal dates" just for fun! We don't share or advertise these dates, so the only people who can hold us accountable are ourselves. We thought this would give us a sense of motivation; while it definitely, did the main outcome was totally unexpected.. We realized we had no idea how long it actually took to do anything! We WILDLY over-estimated 😂 We now have a much better understanding of how long it takes us to deliver value. And we do still set goal dates, just for fun, to give us something to rally behind, but the only people holding us accountable to that is us.

I have found with arbitrary deadlines that if a task could have taken less time, it usually doesn't. If I'm given a completely arbitrary 3 weeks to build a widget, if it only takes me 1 week I'll find a way to milk it to the full 3 weeks. Interesting how that works

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